The first image from a potential Watchmen movie from it director Zack Snyder (300) has turned up as an Easter egg embedded in a special R-rated 300 trailer.

A DVD released by street teams featured the trailer, and briefly visible at the 1:52 minute mark is an image of Watchmen hero Rorschach.

This is reportedly a test image for how the cinematic version of Rorschach would appear.

Although the film is neither greenlit nor cast as of this moment, this image is one more indication the Watchmen property will get adapted. The property has bounced around in development hell through several studios and directors ever since the comic's 1986 release.

Snyder, who has worked on the property since early June (see 'Warners Snags Zack Snyder'), plans for a summer shoot with an eventual late 2008 release.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, for Snyder to create his expansive vision of the classic story, he wants a budget of around $150 million, but Warner wants to keep the costs down to less than $100 million. The $70 million opening weekend success of 300 (see 'Scintillating Spartans') certainly helps Snyder make his case.