Broccoli Books has announced the June publication of Kon Kon Kokon, the most recent series from manga-ka Koge-Donbo (Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten, Kamichama Karin).  A rising star in the manga firmament, Koge-Donbo is the master of the ultra-cute large eyes-small nose art style and the otaku-pleasing narratives about diminutive female characters that together make up the concept the Japanese refer to a 'moe.'


In Kon Kon Kokon, a nerdy teenager named Ren just might have a chance to hang with the cool crowd thanks to the appearance of Kokon, a young girl who claims to have been a fox that Ren helped years ago, who now wants to repay the favor.  The 224-page first volume in the Kon Kon Kokon series, which is rated 10+, goes on sale on June 13th for $9.99.