FUNimation Entertainment will release the first DVD volume of the Witchblade anime series in both Regular (MSRP $29.98) and Starter Set ($44.98) editions on September 25th.  Produced by Gonzo, the 26-episode Witchblade anime, which aired in Japan in 2006, adapted the character and concept of Top Cow's Witchblade comic book to Japan (see 'Gonzo Witchblade Anime Set').


Kobayashi Yasuko, the scriptwriter for the Gonzo Witchblade anime, has also written additional adventures featuring the heroine of the Witchblade anime that have been published in manga form in Japan.  Here in the U.S. these manga adventures will be published in full color American format comics by Top Cow and in black-and-white manga style trade paperbacks by Bandai (see 'Witchblade Manga in Two Formats').


Because of the familiarity of American audiences with the Witchblade property (thanks in large part to the American Witchblade TV series), this anime/manga project has definite potential.  Organic Hobby has released a Witchblade anime-based PVC statue (see 'Organic Hobby Has Witchblade Statue') and other tie-in products could soon become available.