ICv2 has learned that Inkworks has acquired the license to create trading cards based on the new Flash Gordon TV series that debuts on Friday, August 10th on the Sci-Fi Channel.  In addition to being able to use images from the series, which stars Eric Johnson (who played Whitney Fordman on Smallville) as the eponymous hero, Inkworks will also be able to include images from the rich comic book (and comic strip) history of the classic Flash Gordon property created by Alex Raymond.  Inkworks plans to release its first series of Flash Gordon trading cards, which will include images from the first season of the new TV series as well as some choice morsels from the property's rich comic history in May of 2008.


Sam J. Jones, who starred as Flash Gordon in the elaborate 1980 movie, will make an appearance on the new TV series, which will also feature regulars Gina Holden (Fantastic Four) as Dale Arden, Jody Racicot (Night at the Museum) as Dr. Zarkov, and John Ralston as Ming the Merciless.  The Sci-Fi Channel has ordered 22 episodes of the one-hour Flash Gordon series (see 'Sci Fi Plans Flash Gordon Series').