Studios have been double-dipping with belated 'Collector's Edition' DVDs following the release of regular editions for years, though consumer resistance to this ploy has been growing (and the studios have been doing a better job of prepping extra features quickly so they could be included in the original DVD edition).  Still it is hard to see how Universal's Serenity Collector's Edition (MSRP $26.98) due out late this month won't be successful with the 'browncoats' (as the devotees of this cult film are known) in spite of the fact that they probably already own the original Serenity DVD, which came out in December of 2005, simply because the two-disk Collector's Edition includes over 60 minutes of all-new special features.


In addition to more than 15 minutes of outtakes (with commentary by Joss Whedon), the Collector's Edition contains a number of featurettes including 'Taking a Walk on Serenity,' 'The Green Clan,' a feature on cinematographer Jack Green, and perhaps most importantly 'A Filmmaker's Journey,' which follows Joss Whedon in his quest to turn his script into the final movie.