DC Comics has announced seven new graphic novel titles for 2008 for its Minx imprint, the first graphic novel line from a major American comic book publisher targeting teenage female readers (see 'DC Announces Minx Line').  The 2008 Minx line runs the gamut from cross-cultural love in Miami in the 1980s (Token) to a mystery set in contemporary Japan (Clubbing in Tokyo).  The writers of the 2008 Minx titles represent an eclectic mix of noted YA novelists such as Alisa Kwitney and Rebecca Donner and talented comic industry scribes like Andi Watson and Brian Wood.


Alisa (Sex as a Second Language) Kwitney's first Minx offering is Token, a romance between a nice Jewish girl and a social misfit she meets after being arrested for shoplifting.  Joelle Jones (12 Reasons Why I Love Her) provides the art for this saga of teenage love set in Miami Beach during the 1980s.


Canadian Performance artist Mariko Tamaki (Skim, Fake I.D.) is the author of Emiko Superstar, the story of teenage girl from the suburbs who wants to break into Toronto's art scene in the worst way and does by stealing passages from her boss's diary and reciting them in poetry slams.  Steve Rolston (The Escapists, DeGrassi) provides the art in this saga with a definite moral dimension.


A moral dilemma is also at the heart of Burnout by Rebecca Donner (Sunset Terraces), the story of teenage girl who discovers that her older brother is an eco-saboteur, who spikes trees in order to prevent logging, a dangerous illegal activity that, in spite of its noble ends, can have profound and injurious consequences.


Top flight graphic novel creator Brian Wood (DMZ) collaborated with artist Ryan Kelly (Lucifer) on The New York Four, the saga of four freshmen attending a New York University and dealing with the academic and social pressures that threaten their newly forged bonds of friendship.


Kit Bradley, the heroine of David Hahn's All Nighter, is an angry young punk rocker who leads a search party for a missing friend as the young girl's disappearance turns her hometown into a media circus.


A kidnapping is also at the center of Deborah Vankin's Poseur, but in this case it is a staged affair (to keep a friend from being forced into an arranged marriage), but it goes horribly wrong in this nail-biting saga of young and restless teens in Los Angeles.


In Clubbing in Tokyo by the Eisner-nominated Andi Watson (Skeleton Key, Samurai Jam) continues the saga of the teenage party animal he introduced in Clubbing by transplanting her from London has to unravel a bizarre mystery involving poisoned students, vampire cats, and cosplayers that plays out across the broad expanse of Tokyo.