4Kids will begin programming Saturday mornings on the CW in the fall of 2008, ending the Kids WB! as a programming block.  The five year deal provides that 4Kids will sell the ads and CW will share in the revenue. 


4Kids currently programs Fox on Saturday morning as 4Kids TV.  There are two years left on that agreement, so 4Kids will program two important Saturday morning blocks next year.  4Kids has its own properties to program, but with this additional real estate, will undoubtedly draw on anime and other outside programming to fill the slots.


Kids WB is currently home to The Batman, Legion of Super Heroes, and Magi-Nation, among others, and is scheduled to add Spectacular Spider-Man next spring (see 'Major Marketing Campaign for Spectacular Spider-Man').  In the past it was where powerhouse anime/game properties such as Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh were aired.