Upper Deck has issued a statement (see 'Upper Deck Statement on Late Hobby Release') in which it says that it 'deeply apologizes' for any 'inconvenience' due to the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Pack Boosters in Wal-Mart  prior to its release in the hobby.   


According to the statement, the original street date of October 10th was changed to the 24th due to a manufacturing delay for hobby shop orders.  But some product was released on the original date of October 10th, to Wal-Mart.  Upper Deck said the reason was that 'the new street date was not effectively communicated through our distribution channel.' 


Upper Deck said it was trying to prevent the recurrence of the Wal-Mart early release.  '...Both Konami Digital Entertainment and Upper Deck Entertainment are working diligently to resolve these types of errors and prevent them from repeating in the future,' the statement said.