The Cartoon Network has ordered ten episodes of The Drinky Crow Show, which is based on Tony Millionaire's The Maakies comic strip.  Millionaire and Eric Kaplan, whose credits include Futurama and The David Letterman Show, created an 11-minute pilot, which aired on Adult Swim last March (see 'Drinky Crow Debuts on Adult Swim'). The brutal, surreal and hilarious cartoon adventures of the alcoholic avian and his Uncle Gabby (an overweight drunken monkey sailor) proved to be popular with Adult Swim audiences -- it's a wonder it took them this long to place an order for more episodes.


Fantagraphics Books has published six collections of Millionaire's The Maakies so far, with a seventh volume, The Maakies With the Wrinkled Knees, due out in March.  Once the ten new Drinky Crow episodes get in the rotation on Adult Swim, retailers should be able to greatly expand the audience for the savagely funny Maakies collections.