Papercutz is launching its line of full color Bionicle graphic novels, which collect comics sent to the Bionicle fan club, in May.  The stories blend elements of Polynesian mythology into a saga that serves as backstory for the hugely popular line of constructible action figures (and movies) from LEGO (see 'Bionicle Multi-Media Assault Continues').  Back in 2005 it appeared that Scholastic would be publishing the Bionicle graphic novels, but it will be Papercutz that actually releases this line.


The first Bionicle release, Bionicle Graphic Novel #1: Rise of the Toa Nuva, includes two stories which present the origins of the characters.   

This volume, by Greg Farshtey, Carlos D'Anda, Richard Bennett, and Randy Elliot, tells the story of six mighty warriors (the Toa) who arrive on an island to rescue the Great Spirit Mata Nui who has been cast into a perpetual sleep by the evil Makuta. 


The 112-page Bionicle Graphic Novel #1: Rise of the Toa Nuva will be available in both paperback ($7.95) and hardcover ($12.95) editions.