This spring and summer Shocker Toys will be shipping its first two series of Indie Spotlight 6-7" super poseable figures.  Series I includes Terry Moore's Katchoo, Jim Valentino's Shadowhawk, David Mack's Kabuki, Rob Schrab's Scud: The Disposable Assassin, and everyone's favorite homeless superhero, The Maxx.  Each figure features 20+ points of articulation and comes with a pack-in, full-size comic book for an MSRP of $13.95.  Shocker had planned to release these 6" figures last year (see "Shocker Toys Finalizes Indie Spotlight Series 1").



Series 2, which is expected out in mid-summer, will include Dick Tracy, the Zombie King from Deadworld, Jack Staff, Britain's Greatest Hero, Ignacia from Wildguard and The Tick Build a Figure ($14.95).  Other characters that will appear in future series include Dr. Solar, The Lone Ranger, The Phantom, Nexus, Retro Rocket, The Moth, Atomika, Fist of Justice, and Liberty Girl to name just some of the indie characters that are in line to be immortalized in poseable action figure form.