DC Comics, Warner Home Video and Warner Animation will present the world premiere of the PG-13 Batman: Gotham Knight anime compilation feature at Wizard World Chicago on June 28th, 2008.  The six segments in the film will function as a bridge between director Christopher Nolan's live action Batman Begins and his upcoming The Dark Knight and Warners is hoping Batman: Gotham Knight will do for The Dark Knight what The Animatrix (which also involved collaboration between American writers and Japanese anime studios) did for The Matrix Reloaded.  Batman: Gotham Knight will be released on DVD on July 8th just ten days prior to the theatrical premiere of The Dark Knight (see "Kevin Conroy to Voice Gotham Knight").


At Wizard World Chicago the premiere of Batman: Gotham Knight is scheduled for an evening presentation, which will be followed by a panel discussion featuring members of the film's vocal cast and crew including producer Bruce Timm, and writers Brian Azzarello and Alan Burnett.