Over $10,000 in CGC-slabbed comics were stolen from the Graham Crackers Comics booth at Motor City Comic Con on Sunday, May 18th.  The nine books were taken during show hours.  Graham Crackers owner Jamie Graham told ICv2 that he believes two adult thieves working together did the crime. 


The issues involved are:

All Star Comics #6  CGC 5.0

Batman #60  CGC 3.5

Batman #70  CGC 5.0

Detective #79 CGC 5.0

Looney Tunes #1 CGC 3.0

Marvel Mystery Comics #35 CGC 8.0

Marvel Mystery Comics #71

Shield-Wizard Comics #6 CGC 9.0

Superboy #1 CGC Apparent 8.0


The two most valuable comics on the list, the first issues of Looney Tunes and Superboy, accounted for over 75% of the loss. 

Graham said that Worldwide Comics was also hit by the thieves, losing a Silver Surfer #2, CGC 9.4, and a Spidey Super Stories #1, CGC 9.6.