In October Scholastic Books (under its Graphix imprint) will release The Good Neighbors, the first book in Kin, a series of fantasy graphic novels written by Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles) and illustrated by Ted Naifeh (Gloomcookie, Courtney Crumrin).  The Good Neighbors ($16.99) is a full color, 144-page hardcover aimed at the same Y.A. audience that has made The Spiderwick Chronicles such a success.


Rue Silver, the young girl at the heart of The Good Neighbors is, like her mother, a faerie, but her family is in trouble.  Her father broke a promise to her mother’s faerie grandfather, which has caused her mother to be sent back to the faerie world. But the police have arrested her father in connection with her mother’s disappearance and she must journey to the faerie world to bring her mother back and to do that she will have to defeat a powerful dark fairy.