In the wake of recent staff cut-backs by Upper Deck in its game division (see “Layoffs at Upper Deck”), we received a tip this week that Score, producers of the Bleach TCG, had cut back its game staff (reportedly by some 50%).  Asked for comment, Marketing Manager Deanna Cass responded. 


“Score Entertainment has recently downsized.  Letting even a few people go is always hard, but with the recent success of Donruss' entertainment properties like Americana and Celebrity Cuts, we determined that there was an overlap in a number of responsibilities.


“We are now supporting Score Entertainment and Donruss' entertainment products and feel it is appropriate to combine efforts and utilize our talents in both areas.  Evidence of this will be visible at upcoming shows such as Comic-Con San Diego, where we will promote Bleach, Americana and Celebrity Cuts.


“The high level of support that our retailers and customers have come to expect will be maintained for the Bleach TCG. Bounts is scheduled to release on July 26.”


Score sold out and reprinted its most recent release for the Bleach TCG (see “CCG Sellouts”), but is currently producing only a single TCG after ending production of its Inuyasha and Epic Battles TCGs last year.