Our Top 10 Cool lists, which rank the best-selling products in pop culture stores, are dominated by franchise properties (with a few surprises) in our rankings for March 2002 (see 'Top 10 Cool' for all the lists).  Robotech and Lord of the Rings crushed the competition in anime and games, respectively -- the most notable examples of this trend.


The rankings for March reflect the lowered bar for products released in this typically slow period.  With no new blockbuster products, the tried and true rise to the top, with a few exceptions.



In a familiar situation, DC Direct and Bowen split the top six rankings.  The incorrigibly late Graphitti Designs finally got its Bluntman and Chronic figures out, and they scored well despite their distant remove from the release of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in theaters, and their release even after the DVD.  The perennially ranked Playmates Simpsons figures and two Marvel products from Diamond Select round out the list.  Click here for the Top 10 Cool Toys.



Robotech took the #1 slot as part of winning three of the top four positions this month with the last two in the series of DVDs (#13 and #14), along with a special set of the two with a disk of extras.  Jin-Roh took #2 and #6 with its special and regular DVD editions, respectively.  Disks from continuing series make up the rest of the list.  Click here for the Top 10 Cool Anime.



Decipher's Lord of the Rings CCG continues its strong showing, with three of the top five positions.  While Upper Deck's new Yu-Gi-Oh CCG took two of the top 10 positions in March, it probably could have won the category had sufficient product been available.  Two Magic, two DBZ, and a Pokemon title are the rest.  Click here for the Top 10 Cool Games.



Origin #5 finally came out, and promptly took the #1 slot despite the long delay in its release.  A couple of Dark Horse manga trades, a DC Archives, the top four Marvel periodicals and a DC #1 (Hawkman) were predictable, but King David, a Kyle Baker graphic novel from Vertigo, was an unusual #5.  Click here for the Top 10 Cool Comics. 


Movie and TV Merchandise

Topps' Dark Angel trading cards won this category in March, perhaps juiced by the news that Cameron was directly an episode (see 'Cameron To Direct Dark Angel Finale'), but more likely driven by the appeal of the images.  There was finally something Samurai Jack to sell -- the pilot on DVD -- providing the first opportunity to capitalize on this hot new property.  Seven of the Top 10 were TV products, including three based on SCI FI Channel products, one on X-Files (a repeat), and one on Stargate, in addition to the two above.  Trading cards and DVDs were all of this category this month.  Click here for the Top 10 Cool Movie/TV products.