Hurricane Ike, which slammed into Texas last weekend, is still making life difficult for Houston-based businesses and individuals in the pop culture business.  Anime company ADV Films remains closed, with its servers offline.  According to an ADV source, “it’s day to day” as to when the company will re-open.  Power is still out to much of the area, with many traffic lights not operating and streets dangerous to travel. 


Charles Brownstein of the CBLDF was asked to distribute news from Terry and Robyn Moore, who wanted people to know that “They personally are fine, but don't have any utilities, including electricity and other business necessities.  They're only able to be online for about 10 minutes a day because of very nice neighbors.  They want people to know that they're going to be out of touch for about a week, and ask that you please be patient while they get back up to speed.  Please join me in keeping them in your thoughts.”