Bluewater Productions has announced the February 2009 release of a comic book biography of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.  The release will be the second in Bluewater’s Female Force line, which will debut with the previously announced Female Force: Hillary Clinton comic that is due out in January (see “Hillary Clinton Comic”).  Since Bluewater’s Sarah Palin comic book is due out a month after the inauguration, the publisher is preparing two endings, one in which the McCain/Palin team is victorious and one in which it is not.


Governor Palin’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live garnered sky high ratings, so there should be considerable commercial potential in Bluewater’s effort.  Patricio Carbajal, who is penciling Bluewater’s upcoming Quartermain series, created the cover for the 32-page Female Force: Sarah Palin comic.  Bluewater has not yet announced who will be providing the interior art for the one-shot biographical comic.


Note: As Lee Hester of Lee's Comics in Mountain View, California pointed out, Bluewater has problems with the American flag once again in its depiction on the Sarah Palin comic cover.  Yes, there are only 13 stripes on the flag on the cover, not 14 as on the original Hillary Clinton comic cover (see “Marcus King of Titan Comics & Games on the Hillary Clinton Comic”);  Hester points out that the stripes aren't exactly right on the cover of the Palin comic either.