Free Comic Book Day, the first-ever industry-wide promotion for comics, was held May 3, 2002, across North America and around the world.  We asked comic retailers to tell us how it went, and they did! 


Ron Savino, owner of Ron's Collectors World, Annandale, VA

As far as I'm concerned, Free Comic Book Day was a bust despite the publicity it received.  I own and operate a 3,000 square foot store in Fairfax County, Virginia outside of Washington, DC.  We had less than 15 customers come into the store on Saturday as a result of the Free Comic Book Day promotion.  Most of those did not purchase any additional comics.  Regular customers who normally shop at our store of course asked for the free comics, but we were left with hundreds of the free comics.  We consider Free Comic Book Day to be a complete failure.


Jim Schifeling, owner of Acme Comics, Normal, IL

Unfortunately it was a total flop.  The people that did walk in, who for some reason didn't even see the signs up or hear my interview on the radio, just wouldn't take one.  I have well over half my comics still.  My regular customers didn't even show up.  The other comic store in town is right across the street from me and they didn't even participate.  With all of that I still couldn't give away 100 copies of Ultimate Spider-Man.  It was a total bath in central Illinois.

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