The BBC Christmas Day airing of the new Wallace and Gromit adventure, Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death (see “New Wallace and Gromit Short”), was the top-rated program of the year in the UK, with 14.3 million viewers and a 50.3% share. 


The Doctor Who Christmas Special was the #2 show of the day, with 11.7 million viewers and a 51% share.  It was notable for the appearance of David Morrissey as a man who believes he is a Time Lord.  Morissey has been rumored as a possible replacement for David Tennant, the current Doctor Who.  This was the first of five specials that Tennant will do prior to his departure from the show (see “The Doctor Is Out”).


No word on when either show will make it to U.S. TV or DVD release.