Mike Milewski of M & M Comic Service in San Antonio, Texas praises Marvel for coming up with the idea of the Obama variant for Amazing Spider-Man #583:


Here's my two cents for what it's worth.


The House of Ideas came through for us again.  Marvel had to go and come up with some promotion to get us to order more of something that they knew would sell like hot cakes.  They forced us to make more money because they knew they were dealing with those hated retailers who they want to see go out of business.  Sheesh!  What world are you guys living in?


I for one feel that Marvel has done more for this industry than any other publisher -- by a long shot.  I LOVE variant comics and so do my customers.


We have comic readers and comic collectors in this market.  The variants go to the collectors and this may come as a shock but these collectors would NEVER buy a comic unless it was "Collectible."  We welcome these two different groups of buyers with open arms and we do our best to accommodate them all.


So what if you didn't have the foresight to know that an Obama Spider-Man comic would sell like hotcakes.  Now you have the 2nd printing.  I would imagine it would take no effort to sell double if not triple your regular Amazing Spider-Man sales with that.  The House of Ideas came up with a way to help us sell triple our Amazing Spider-Man sales. Good job!


Marvel is consistently coming up with new ways to get new customers to buy their books and they have been on a fantastic roll.  They should be applauded for a job well done.


Thank you Marvel, M & M truly appreciates what you are doing.  Please keep it up.


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