According to Dan Mazeau’s script for the live action Jonny Quest movie, which is currently scheduled for release in 2010, is so highly regarded at Warner Bros. that the studio has Mazeau working on a draft for a film based on the supercharged Flash character from DC Comics.  IESB is “100%” sure that Mazeau is penning a Flash script, but Warner Bros. won’t confirm because the studio has decided not to comment on DC Comics-based projects until they are ready to be green-lit, a rule resulting from numerous widely reported false starts such as a George Miller helmed Justice League that never materialized in spite of numerous reports in the Hollywood trade press (see “Justice League Movie Back on Track”).


The tremendous success of The Dark Knight has apparently had something of a chilling effect on the development of other DC Comics-based movies.  While Warners waits on TDK director Christopher Nolan to sign on for a sequel, the studio has been very cautious about proceeding with other DC superhero projects.