The Australian publisher Gestalt has announced the May publication of Flinch, a 120-page collection of comics by established and emerging creators including Shaun Tan, Justin Randall, Christian Read, Chris Bones, Skye Ogden, Chris Bolton, Anton McKay, Michael Katchan and Mel Tregonning.  Gestalt is perhaps best known for publishing Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday, the graphic novel sequel to Alex Cox’s cult hit movie Repo Man, and the stylish graphic novel Vowels by Skye Ogden.  The perfect-bound black-and-white Flinch anthology has a cover price of $11.95.


Shaun Tan, whose wordless graphic novel The Arrival earned a well-deserved Hugo Nomination as well as the Festival Prize at Angouleme, provides the cover for Flinch as well as one of the anthology’s most interesting stories, “Moral Lessons.”