Twentieth Century Fox has moved the debut of its Daredevil motion picture from Jan. 17 to Feb. 14, 2003.  The move wasn't caused by any delays in the production of the Daredevil film -- it's Spider-Man's mega-grosses that are behind the switch.  Variety quoted Fox vice chairman Bob Harper, who explained the move as follows, 'Audiences have demonstrated a tremendous appetite for comic superheroes in the last couple of years.  We are very excited about unveiling the next big Marvel superhero on the first big holiday of the year.'  Marvel's Avi Arad, gleefully expecting another major blockbuster, chortled 'The summer is starting earlier and earlier.'


Mark Steven Johnson is writing the Daredevil film, which stars Ben Affleck as 'The Man Without Fear' and features Jennifer Garner (Elecktra), Michael Clarke Duncan (The Kingpin), and Jon Favreau ('Foggy').  Daredevil will be the first of three mega-Marvel films to bow next year.  After Daredevil's debut on the Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend, X-Men 2 bows on May 2, and Ang Lee's Hulk movie hits theaters on June 20. Fox, which will also produce X-Men 2 is staking out its turf for next season.  Given Spider-Man's stellar performance it is likely that other blockbuster, effects-filled films will give these Marvel epics a wide berth.