Hero Games has announced the August publication of The Hero System 6th Edition: Characters ($39.99) and The Hero System 6th Edition: Combat and Adventure ($39.99), two core rule books that form the basis for the latest iteration of the Champions RPG.  Champions was first published in 1981 and was one of the first RPGs to base character generation on a point-buy system rather than random dice rolls.  It's arguably the oldest superhero role-playing game still in existence. 


The two new core rulebooks, which feature full color art throughout, bring new levels of flexibility to the Hero System by allowing players to create any sort of character power, gadget, spell, vehicle, monster, or weapon that they can imagine.  Steven A. Long, who was responsible for the 5th Edition of Champions  (which was published in 2002), has written both 6th Edition Core Rulebooks, making sure to provide guidelines for converting characters from 5th Edition to 6th Edition that make the transition easy and ensuring that books written for 5th Edition rules are completely compatible with 6th Edition.