The Korean publisher Dasan Books has set up a U.S. subsidiary, Joyful Stories Press, to publish English versions of more than 50 biographical manhwa starting with The Obama Story: The Boy With the Biggest Dream, a 200-page full color biography targeting kids from 8-12 that is available now.  Distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, The Obama Story by T.S. Lee, which the MTV Splash Page calls “the cutest representation of the Comander-in-Chief to grace a comic thus far,” chronicles the career of the new President from his boyhood in Hawaii and Indonesia to his educational successes, his stint as a community organizer, and his lightning quick rise to political power capped by his election to the presidency last year.


The success of the wide range of books about Obama undoubtedly inspired Joyful Stories Press, which has printed 20,000 copies of The Obama Story.  Joyful Stories plans to follow up its Obama bio with other volumes in its "Great Heroes" series including a Charles Darwin biography in July followed by graphic novel bios of Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Hillary Clinton.