Casper the Friendly Ghost first appeared in comics in 1949, and the character is celebrating his 60th anniversary this year.  In addition to the Dark Horse collections of the vintage comic material (see “Dark Horse Has Casper”), Ardden will publish new Casper comics, and Classic Media plans to launch Casper’s Scare School, a new animated series. 


Ardden will publish Casper and the Spectrals, a new regular series by Todd Dezago with art by Pedro Delgado, beginning in October.  The title is being promoted with three variant covers, all by Delgado.  The storyline is set in an area within New York inhabited by ghosts. 


The rights to Casper are now once again controlled by Eric Ellenbogen and John Engelman, who bought the company back from the acquirers when it got into difficulties earlier this year (see “Boomerang Media Acquires Entertainment Rights”).