Boom! Studios is launching Incorruptible, a new series written by Mark Waid in December.  Incorruptible is the flip side to Waid’s Irredeemable, which debuted last April and quickly became Boom’s bestselling title.  Readers don’t have to read Irredeemable to enjoy Incorruptible, but it is does continue Waid’s “complex study of caped morality at the end of the world,” which begins in Irredeemable, the saga that explains how the world’s greatest superhero becomes its greatest supervillain (by becoming a member of the Minnesota Vikings?—just kidding, we still love you Brett).


Incorruptible is the bookend to Irredeemable.  It is the story of Max Damage, a super villain, who had an epiphany the day the Plutonian destroyed Sky City.  He changed his name to Max Daring, turned his back on his cynical selfish ways, and became Incorruptible. 


Spokes Cover
Neil Edwards (Farscape) is penciling the new series.   For the launch of Incorruptible Boom is shipping issue #1 with covers by John Cassaday (Irredeemable, Planetary) and Tim Sale (Batman: Haunted Knight, Heroes) in a 50/50 split.  In addition Jeffrey Spokes has created a 1 in 10 incentive cover.  It appears that the incentive covers by Spokes, the first of which features an “I,” will spell the title of the comic over the first 13 issues, just as the 12 Spokes’ variants are doing for Irredeemable.