Book distributor Baker & Taylor is trying to create some synergy of its own by offering its book customers access to the DVD titles distributed by B & T's Entertainment division.  Under the provisions of a new program that was detailed in PW Daily, Baker & Taylor is offering a $100 credit to current customers if the retailers purchase $1000 in DVDs by November 15.  Current B& T accounts do not have to open a new account with B&T Entertainment to participate in the program.


B&T is recommending DVDs based on literary properties such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings as well as non-fiction and documentary disks that provide tips on childcare, parenting, weight loss, and health issues.  Sales of DVDs have reached an all time high this year, during a period when sales of music disks are declining and book sales are flat in many stores, so Baker & Taylor is hoping to get mainstream music and bookstores to diversify their product lines by adding DVDs.
DVDs are a longtime fixture in pop culture stores; this represents a recognition by a broader market that DVDs can be effectively cross-merchandised to purchasers of paper products.