In August Fantagraphics will publish the first volume of Roy Crane’s Buz Sawyer.  Crane created the adventure comic strip with his Wash Tubbs, which debuted in 1924, and which Fantagraphics is reprinting in its Wash Tubbs & Captain Easy series (see “Fantagraphics Gets Two Adventure Strips”).  During World War II Crane left the Captain Easy strip and created the more realistic Buz Sawyer, the fast-paced saga a Navy pilot named John Singer (Buz) Sawyer who flew off aircraft carriers in the Pacific from 1943 to August 1945.


The 336-page Roy Crane’s Buz Sawyer Vol.1: The War in the Pacific ($35.00) reprints all of the daily Buz Sawyer strips published during World War II plus a selection of the best of the Sunday strips featuring Buz’s pal and gunner Roscoe Sweeny.