Marvel’s latest teaser for the Avengers #1, which ships in May and kicks off the Heroic Age era, reveals that Thor is a member of new team of Avengers.  Among the members of the team announced so far only Thor and Iron Man were founders of the original Avengers team created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in September of 1963.  The new team also includes Bucky as Captain America (the original Cap didn’t join up till issue #4), Spider-Woman, and Hawkeye.


Thor, who has gained increasing prominence in the Marvel Universe of late and who is about to get a major boost among non-comic fans thanks to a new film directed by Kenneth Branagh that is currently in production, comes across as properly altruistic (he’s a god, after all) in his caption: “I defend those who cannot defend themselves.”


Marvel also sent out another Heroic Age teaser today.  Created by Bryan Hitch, the dynamic and somewhat puzzling illustration includes Hawkeye, who is a member of the new Avengers team along with Wasp, Mockingbird, Black Widow, and Cage, all of whom are former Avengers.  Are we looking at a greatly expanded Avengers team?  And what precisely is Gorilla Man doing there, and what role might he play in the any sort of Avengers?  Or, more likely, is this just Marvel’s way of warning us that the Heroic Age will encompass more than just one flagship title?