Rich Biedrzycki of Dreamland Comics in Schaumburg, Illinois read the recent article mentioning the upcoming The Flash and Green Lantern ring promotions (see "DC Launching New Green Lantern Title") and had this to say:

Retailers who order 10 copies of The Flash #1 will be able to order The Flash Ring, while those who order 10 copies of Green Lantern #53 will be able to order the Green Lantern Rings.  Note that the quantities required are low and the books involved are attractive enough that ordering 10 copies shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for most stores.

Come on!  Are 10 copies too much of a stretch?  If you can't order or sell 10 copies of these books, written no less by Geoff Johns, then you are not a comic retailer!  DC should have made the quantity 100 copies to get the rings.

On the subject of the Marvel variant for DC [Blackest Night] swap we won't be able to participate even though we ordered those Blackest Night tie-ins in the hundreds of copies.  We sold them all and had to order second printings.  If Marvel really had an "overwelming response" then those retailers need to learn how to sell comics!

Come on Marvel and DC stop rewarding people who can't sell your books and start rewarding those retailers that can!

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