Radical Publishing has stopped sales of Incarnate, the comic miniseries (and upcoming collection) by Nick Simmons (see “Simmons Spawn Goes Radical”), in the wake of growing accusations of plagiarism from manga fans.  The primary accusations (from blog posts) are that images, page designs, and even dialogue have been lifted from Bleach and used in Incarnate.  Additional comparisons are being made to Hellsing and other manga, and even to manga fan art from Deviantart.


“We at Radical Publishing, Inc. and Radical Comics, Inc. are quite concerned to hear the news surrounding Nick Simmons’s Incarnate Comic Book,” Radical’s statement said. “We are taking this matter seriously and making efforts now to contact the publishers of the works in question in an effort to resolve this matter.  We have halted further production and distribution of the “Incarnate” comic book and trade paperback until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.  Rest assured that Radical is taking swift action regarding this matter and will continue in its efforts to maintain the integrity and protect the intellectual property of artists throughout the world whose creative works are the bedrock of our Company and the comic book industry.’


Simmons is credited with the script and pencils on the book, with additional art credits for Nam Kim, Ben Harvey, and Shi Hua Wang of Studio IL.  Studio IL has done work on a variety of projects, including Tokyopop’s Blizzard books.    


Simmons and his more famous father appeared at Comic-Con last year in support of Incarnate (see "Comic-Con--Late Friday through Early Saturday").