Dynamite Entertainment and Liquid Comics have announced a publishing partnership to release a hardcover book featuring the original scripts by Grant Morrison for his animated project, Grant Morrison’s 18 Days.  Due out in August, the collectible hardcover will provide readers with a first glimpse into mythic universe created by Morrison for this project, which is based on the Indian epic, The Mahabharata.  The Dynamite hardcover volume includes the original unedited scripts, story bible, character descriptions, commentary, and striking illustrations created by the acclaimed Indian artist Mukesh Singh (Gamekeeper, Shadow Hunter).


Liquid Comics and Perspective Studios are currently in pre-production on an animated series and a video game based on Grant Morrison’s 18 Days.  The saga of three generations of super warriors meeting for the final battle of their age, an epic confrontation that results in a climactic war that concludes the Third Age and begins the Dark Age we all now live in, Morrison’s mind-blowing saga will be glimpsed first in Dynamite’s hardcover where his visions are brought to life by Mukesh Singh’s techno-Vedic art.