Toy Vault, best known for licensed plush toys, has announced plans to release a board game based on the popular Japanese movie monster Godzilla.  The current working title is Godzilla Kaiju World Wars. 


Details on the project are not final, but Tony Smith of Toy Vault was able to give ICv2 some details.  The game was designed by veteran game designer Richard Berg, and will feature artwork from Ron Spencer.  Four monsters will be included:  Godzilla, Rodan, Ghidorah, and Gigan, all based on the Godzilla:  Final Wars versions.


Godzilla Kaiju World Wars will include detailed miniatures of the four monsters.  A number of buildings, ripe for destruction, will also be part of the game.


A final price has yet to be determined, but Toy Vault expects a suggested retail price between $60 and $80.  The game is planned for an autumn release this year.  Final artwork is not yet available.