Hobby game sales continued to grow in Q1, according to reports in Internal Correspondence #71.  Top collectible games are leading the growth in hobby stores as the number of competitors continues to decline.  Board games continue to exhibit broad strength, with deckbuilding games becoming an important new subcategory in the broader board, card, and family game category.  Miniatures are doing well, with the excitement surrounding new rules a significant factor.  And in roleplaying, Paizo’s Pathfinder is competing for #1 in some venues, especially in comparative sales of core books. 


Reports in the issue also cover expectations for the summer, and update on Upper Deck, an indepth look at the new category of deckbuilding games, coverage of the new Wizards of the Coast retailer policies, our Pick Hits for the top Q3 game releases, and the top games in four categories.


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