WizKids/NECA has provided ICv2 with a look at two of the seven miniatures that will comprise the DC HeroClix Brightest Day Action Pack, which will ship to retail in October of 2010.  The Brightest Day Action Pack is the follow-up product to WizKids’ Blackest Night Starter Game (see “Blackest Night HeroClix Updated”).


The Brightest Day Action Pack ties in with DC’s year-long Brightest Day crossover series.  The Brightest Day Action Pack includes seven highly-detailed 3-D figures with designs ripped from the pages of the Brightest Day comics plus an all-new double-sided HeroClix map.  The first two Brighest Day HeroClix images release depict Aquaman perched on a tentacle and Osiris.   WizKids/NECA will release additional Brightest Day Action Pack images on Wednesday and Thursday.