A woman whose son stole a manga volume from the Crestview Public Library in Crestview, Florida told the Crestview City Council that “my son lost his mind when he found this,” according to the Walton Sun.  She told the Council that her teenage son removed the book from the library’s adult section and put it in his backpack last summer, and is now “in a home for extensive therapy.” 


The mother, Margaret Barbaree, who founded a group called Protect Our Children, circulated a petition protesting the presence of “anime,” which she meant to refer to manga, in the library.


Charles Baugh Jr., the City Council President, toured the library after her complaints and found adult manga separated from titles available to younger readers and found the manga in the young adult section “innocuous,” according to the report.


Brigid Alverson reported for Robot 6 that the titles in question were Dark Horse’s Gantz and Tokyopop’s Psychic Academy.