Slave Labor Graphics and Diamond Book Distribution have reached an agreement naming Diamond as the exclusive U.S. distributor of SLG's English language graphic novels to the bookstore, library, warehouse club, and mass merchandise markets.  With Slave Labor, Diamond, which recently signed Dark Horse, Oni Press, and Planet Lar (see 'Bookstore Distribution Scorecard'), adds another comic publisher with a strong lineup of graphic novels, including many like Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny The Homicidal Maniac that have done well both in comic shops and outside the comic market.  Although Diamond will be the exclusive distributor of Slave Labor books to U.S. bookstores, FM International and Cold Cut will continue to be able to distribute SLG books and periodicals to the comic market.


In addition to Jhonen Vasquez (Squee) Slave Labor's list includes numerous other notable titles such as Evan Dorkin's Milk & Cheese series, Roman Dirge's Lenore, Serena Valentino's Gloom Cookie, and Lawrence Marvit's Spark, to name just a few. Like Checker and several other publishers Slave Labor has also mined Marvel's defunct Epic line and published several Dreadstar graphic novel collections of Jim Starlin's Epic comics, which have done well in the comic market.