Our photos from Saturday wouldn’t fit on just one page, so there are three—make sure to check them all out (see links at the bottom).  

With and without ink.

The lines in the outdoor queuing area (tented this year for the first time) for the big Hall H movie and TV presentations were long when we first looked on Saturday, and stayed long all day.

20th Century Fox had a major presence for its Alien Anthology DVD and Blu-ray release in October (see “Alien Anthology Blu-ray Has 60 Hours of Extras”), with an attraction that allowed fans to lie in a pod similar to the ones the crew used in the movies.

Yabba dabba doo!

Cosplayers were traveling in groups on Saturday.

This R2-A6 droid at the Kotobukiya booth was incredibly realistic.

Not everybody wore costumes.

But clothing did help sort things out.

Dan Herman of Hermes Press and Kathryn Leigh Scott from the Dark Shadows TV series at the Hermes booth.  Advance copies of Hermes’ new Dark Shadows comic collection sold out almost immediately after the Dark Shadows panel (and, of course, a movie’s in the works, see “Scribe Signed for Dark Shadows”).  

The Thor, Loki, and Odin helmets at the Marvel booth.

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