A billboard in which Asterix and friends are enjoying their banquet at McDonald’s is now being displayed as part of McDonald’s “Come as you are” campaign in France, with the village’s bard Cacofonix tied to a tree outside.  But some French fans of the property are aghast that it’s being used to promote the ultimate American brand, according to the Telegraph.  French newspaper Le Figaro asked, “After resisting the Romans, have the Americans finally scalped the invincible little Gaul?”   


Asterix co-creator Albert Ulderzo (Goscinny is deceased) was consulted on the use of the character and his studio created the image.  And Asterix was used in a previous French McDonald’s promotion, in 2001, that tied to the release of an Asterix film (see “Live Action Asterix Film Boffo in France”).


But some still see this as an affront to French dignity, with one blogger arguing that Asterix had been “sacrificed like a wild boar.”