DC Entertainment has disclosed in a filing with the New York State Department of Labor that it plans to fire or relocate 80 non-union employees as a result of the shift of administrative, multi-media development, and digital production to the West Coast.  Bloomberg News reported the filing, which indicates that the job changes will take place between December of 2010 and August of 2011.


DC has so far refused to comment on stories concerning the number of employees that will be let go.  The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this week that 20% of DC’s workforce of approximately 250 would lose their jobs as a result of the move (see “The Cost of Consolidation”), a report that was meant with considerable skepticism and criticism from some industry observers.  It does appear to be too soon to put any definitive figure on the number of employees who will lose their jobs, simply because many of the 80 who are affected by the shift may not yet have made a final decision on whether to make the move to California.