Arcana Studio, Inc. has acquired seven properties created by Josh Blaylock and published by Devil’s Due.  The properties include Kore, Warstone, Mercy Sparx, Misplaced, Defex, Breakdown, and Blood of Kumori.  Arcana as acquired both publishing and developmental rights in other media for the seven DDP properties.


Arcana’s Sean Patrick O’Reilly explained: “The acquisition of the Devil's Due intellectual properties is a fantastic opportunity to continue to grow our library, our characters and to develop new branded storyworlds while helping DDP to generate revenue going to its creditors in difficult times We will be working directly with Josh Blaylock, the creator of these properties, who brings a great creative style to the Aftermath line-up as well as the other properties and we know this is going to lead to amazing opportunities. We are thrilled to be working with him on this project.”


In July the financially-troubled Devil’s Due left Diamond (see “Devil’s Due Leaves Diamond”).  The deal with Arcana could provide some means to help DDP pay off its creditors, and will increase Arcana’s roster of properties.