Wizards of the Coast is canceling its Heroscape line, an expandable board game with miniatures, after its November release.  Moltenclaw’s Invasion, out November 16th, will be the last release for the line.


WotC said that it is canceling the line because, “We have chosen to focus our business efforts on our core brands.” 


Heroscape products will remain in stores for as “long as supplies last,” according to the announcement.


Heroscape was launched by Hasbro in 2004 (see “New Boardgame Includes Miniatures”).  Marvel was announced as a Heroscape license in 2006 for a 2007 release (see “Hasbro Plans Marvel Heroscape”). 


The Heroscape brand was moved to Wizards of the Coast in 2008 (see “Heroscape Brand Goes to WotC”).  And D&D was added to the line in 2009 (see “D&D Meets Heroscape”).