Rosebud Archives, the new company organized by Rick Marschall and Jonathan Barli last year (see “Rosebud Archives Debuts”), will release Skippy vs. the Mob:  The Fight for Vesey Street and the American Soul, which will collect the work and tell the story of cartoonist Percy Crosby.


The volume will collect the complete sequence of comics for the first time, both as it appeared in newspapers and from the original art.  The story includes Percy’s attack on gangsterism and organized crime, which eventually led to his involuntary commitment in an asylum, where he remained for the rest of his life. 


The story behind Percy’s institutionalization will be told in an essay by Joan Crosby Tibbets, Crosby’s daughter, and through his political cartoons and writings, personal letters and documents. 


Skippy vs. the Mob will be released in January.