Barry Branvold of Barry's Collectors Corner in Grand Forks, North Dakota read about ComicsPro retail members being able to sell Marvel's Formic Wars: Burning Earth #1 early (see "ComicsPro Retailers Get Early Release") and had this to say.

Why should being a member of this or any organization change release date of comics?  Is this a way for Marvel to get storeowners to join this organization?  What is Marvel's stake in ComicsPro?  ComicsPro has nothing to offer me and I shouldn't be treated differently because I am not a member.

I so support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  Will we be next to get special treatment?  Will Marvel next offer an early release date for retailers with three locations and after that only, say left handed storeowners?  C'mon Marvel, stop playing games and leave the release date for all comics and all retailers, the same.

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