Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek are re-teaming for Kirby Genesis, their first full collaboration since 1993’s Marvels. Busiek and Ross are planning to provide the same perspective on and treatment of Kirby creations like Captain Victory and Silver Star that they brought to the Marvel Universe in Marvels. The 32-page Kirby Genesis #1 ships in May with a special introductory cover price of just $1.
Original Character Designs Kept
Ross is not only co-plotting and laying out pages, he also working with Busiek and artist Jack Herbert (Black Terror) for special interior painted pages. The interior art for Kirby Genesis is an exciting combination of Ross’ painted art and Herbert’s line work. As can be seen from the preview art released by Dynamite, Ross and Herbert are faithful to Kirby’s original character designs for character like Captain Victory.
Faceted Planes
The sample pages of Kirby Genesis also pay homage to Kirby’s unique manner, which makes his work instantly recognizable and which has to be considered one of the most influential art styles in the development of the modern superhero genre. The sample pages feature the requisite renderings of most of Kirby’s signature tropes, the somewhat squat powerful figures filled with a potent inner dynamism, the extreme foreshortening (especially of hands), the breaking up of surfaces into faceted planes, and the powerful use of diagonal designs that lead the eye through the composition.