In April The Pokemon Company is launching a new interactive experience, the Pokemon Trainer Challenge. The online game will initially feature three preconstructed Pokemon TCG decks that players can choose from in order to do battle against 14 virtual Pokemon players in three leagues. The online game replicates and teaches real-world game play and strategy, plus there’s a direct tie-in to the physical games. Players who purchase the brand-new Pokemon TCG: Black and White Preconstructed Decks, which go on sale on April 6th, will be able unlock an identical virtual deck in the online game.  Players can also create their own online avatar to compete in the Pokemon Trainer Challenge.
Creating an Online Avatar
The launch of the Pokemon Trainer Challenge coincides with the arrival of the next iteration of the Pokemon video game, Pokemon: Black & White, which is due out this spring and which features the legendary Pokemon Reshiram (Black) and Zekrom (White). There will be both preconstructed decks like the aforementioned Pokemon TCG: Black & White Preconstructed Deck and Pokemon TCG booster releases that will feature the Black & White characters and tie-in to the new wave of interest that a new version of the Pokemon video game always seems to spur. 
Online Game Screen Replicates Play
As always the video game and the trading card game will be supported by an animated series—the 14th season of the Pokemon animated series that follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum and which is called coincidentally, Pokemon Black & White, and just happens to feature Reshiram, Zekrom and the other Black & White characters, debuted last Friday on the Cartoon Network and moves to its prime weekend morning slot starting next weekend.