David Loftus of AK Comics in Beloit, Wisconsin comments on the upcoming Magic: The Gathering--New Phyrexia pre-release date conflicting with Free Comic Book Day (see "Rolling for Initiative--Surfeit of Riches").
I keep seeing article after article of people complaining, or maybe "commenting," on the pre-release tournaments for Magic: The Gathering's newest set on May 7th... a.k.a. FCBD ("Free Comic Book Day" for the under-the-rock dwellers).  The one thing I haven't seen yet is anyone mentioning that Magic had that date first.  Hasn't the second calendar release date (third release of the block) for Magic always been the first weekend in May?
There used to be a "pre-release event" two weeks prior to the actual release date of the product.  That held true until the big retailers whined about hobby stores getting the product first (yes Walmart, I mean YOU).  After that, we had to wait until the release weekend to have our events.  After a few years of having to put up with Wizards of the Coast kowtowing to the initial whining of said retailers (yup, still YOU Walmart) they finally changed the schedule around again to let us have "pre-release" tournaments a week prior to the official release date.
So forgive my failing memory (I am getting closer and closer to 50 ya know) but since I've been open (9 years this June) haven't I've always gotten the new Magic product that first weekend of May?  I also seem to recall that when I opened, the comic book community couldn't decide for sure which Saturday in May they wanted to claim for FCBD.  After a few years, it was decided the first Saturday of May.
So if anyone should "complain" or "comment" about the weekend, shouldn't it be the Magic players?  Or even WotC?
But as mentioned, I am getting on in years, and maybe I'm remembering things incorrectly.
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