WizKids has announced the August 10th release of HeroClix Street Fighter, the newest set to enter the realm of HeroClixHeroClix Street Fighter adds 27 new figures from Capcom's hugely popular fighting video game franchise that has sold more than 29 million units since it debuted in 1987.  The HeroClix Street Fighter figures are fully compatible with all other HeroClix figures.  The new series includes fan favorite Street Fighter characters such as Ryu, E. Honda, and Bison, in their characteristically dynamic poses, which are highlighted by cool “clear sculpt effects.”
Countertop Display
The new HeroClix Street Fighter figures are available in a 24-count countertop display unit, with each individually boxed figure priced at just $2.99, providing a low-cost point of entry for new customers as well as a fast and convenient way for current players to supplement their collections.
Starter 6-Pack
The Capcom Street Fighter HeroClix figures are also available in a Starter 6-Pack, which will retail for $19.99, and which will allow players to conduct their own Heroclix Street Fighter matches right out of the box.  The attractive, transparent Starter 6-Pack includes key Street Fighter characters like Guile, Ryu, and Blanka that are “completely redialed” and feature alternate paint schemes from those used in the base set. In addition the Starter 6-Pack includes character cards, 4 exclusive maps, 2 custom dice, and a 2011 HeroClix rulebook.